The Visegrád group: an “ideological” bloc within the EU?

The Visegrád group: an “ideological” bloc within the EU? 5 décembre, 2017

Eyes on Europe and EU Logos Athena are pleased to invite you to their next event:
“The Visegrad group: an “ideological” bloc within the EU?”

This conference about the Visegrad group (V4) (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), is organized with the objective to shed light on the views and ideas of these particular four countries. The aim is to respond to the question: How can the positioning of the Visegrad group be explained and what are its main motivations?

The migration crisis of 2015 was marked by a renewed interest in the Visegrad Group that has shown unity in their position against the acceptance of migrants. Now that the formation of coalitions of Member states within the EU are legitimize with the “multi-speed” theory supported by Emmanuel Macron (amongst others), is the V4 going to settle as a conservative alliance in the European Union of the future ?

Since when does this alliance serve as an embodiment of the nationalist and conservative views inside the EU as the recent developments show in Poland and Hungary? Are these views inherent to Central Europe as it is often assumed in the Western European countries or are they the product of conjunctural politics within these countries? If we talk about the upcoming Euroscepticism of the four Visegrad countries the question comes up if it is a product of pure political motivation or moreover mainly influenced by their singular history and background?

You will have the chance to ask your questions to the members of the panel. Come and share your views on the topic with us!
The debate will be preceded by a drink offered by Eyes on Europe and the distribution of EoE’s latest magazine.
The debate will be held in English.

Pieter Lagrou, University professor ULB
Zoltán Gyévai, Journalist and Editor
Moderator: Luisa Sigl, Master Student

18:30 – 19:00h Drink and distribution of the new EoE magazine
19:00 – 20:30h Conference

WHERE? ULB Institute of European Studies, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 39, Brussels

WHEN? Tuesday, 5th of December 5th 2017, 18:30

REGISTRATION – PLACES ARE LIMITED: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PI_8717mrYBngsEQKndU14OPslCBynwrprsJovpQq3s/edit

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